Established in 2006, Deera Investment & Real Estate Development Company PLC is committed to delivering thoughtfully considered, exquisitely executed properties that provide lasting value to local communities. Deera has built up a highly diversified portfolio of small- and medium-sized projects, underpinned by a well-considered investment strategy that includes financial and stock market investments in addition to the company’s real estate holdings. We consistently work to exceed the expectations of our clients, shareholders, and partners, embodying quality and sustainability at every turn. Deera Investment & Real Estate Company is registered in Jordan as a public shareholding company (ASE:DERA). Total Assets: $91,094,000 Total Share Capital: JD40,000,000


To deliver thoughtful, luxurious, and timeless properties to our diverse and discerning clients. At Deera, we pursue projects that provide real added value to buyers as well as our investors and shareholders.


To be a true leader in the development of commercial, retail, and residential real estate, elevating the standards of our industry and transforming local landscapes into dynamic, modern communities.


People First: At Deera, we’re not just building exquisite properties: we’re creating homes, communities, spaces for innovation and creativity, and places where memories are made. The work that we do is ultimately about the people we serve, and they will always be our top priority. Quality and Added Value: Excellence is in the details. We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our projects reflect our steadfast commitment to quality, while providing incomparable added value. Innovation and Creativity: Meeting the evolving needs of our clients requires thinking outside the box: we are always looking for ways to challenge conventions and defy limitations, in order to deliver projects that exceed expectations. A Commitment to Deliver: We work tirelessly to follow through on our promises, as evidenced by our strong portfolio of completed projects and our stellar reputation in the market.